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Real Christian singles couple married on Fusion101.com!Fusion101 in conjunction with 101christianevents.com has run some fantastic social events for Christians in London starting last year. Our Slaone Square event forChristians in London had nearly 400 people turn up over the coarse of the evening. We've also run parties and events at Londons Hilton hotel and Umbab - one of Londons hottest clubs - excusively ours all night. To register for the next events just visit 1GoodFriday.com (below) - Christian events (our events partner website) or email us anytime.

All you need to do if you wanna come to our events is bring a smile and preferably a few Christian and non-Christian friends along and we guarantee you'll have a great time - see the photos of the last social event by clicking on the website below! All the best - 101 Events team:)

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