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Why 101ChristianSingles? 355,000 Christian singles worldwide are currently members on Here are yet more real Christian singles testimonials from our free singls site. We have single Christians from America, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, and many others looking for fun, friendship, pen-pals as well as Christians looking for marriage minded singles! Join the many Single Christians at 101 today and genuinely FREE - no credit card needed - ever!


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"Please delete my profile. Thanks to you, I have met a wonderful Man of God. I have been wondering in recent months how I would ever find a Christian boyfriend as going to a small church in the outskirts of town I hardly ever meet any new friends - thanks a million!:) Jaffa" - Derby USA - America.

"Hi - here's a testimonial for ya! Having used this dating site for an extended period in my search for meeting someone, i met a few Christian girls who i made contact and built friendships with. All were very nice and great individuals but none quite right for a romantic relationship. Then back in early summer i got contacted by a US member, which initially seemed to be unable to become more than pen-pals because of the great distance between us. It was clear from the outset that we we were brought to each other by God as we fit together like a hand and a glove. She is utterly amazing and beautiful. Whacky, funny, and adventurous, just like me, and the partner i pray will be mine for the rest of our lives together. I want to thank you at 101 for this friendship service, it has been excellent, i pray that you keep up this important work, and thanks again. Please remove my profile now, as i no longer am looking for anyone. Thank you again Ross" - Devon England United Kingdom.

"Please remove my profile. The site has been successful! - The girl of my dreams found me. We hope to marry. I think you will receive from us a testimonial to God\'s grace using your site as a tool.We are very happy, and you have played a part. We are so grateful to you. Keep up your work - it is worth it! Stephen & Angela" - West Sussex England UK.

"Dear Customer Service: I would like to remove/delete my profile. By faith, through your site I have met the man I am going to marry. I really had pretty much no idea where to find a Christian boyfriend, let alone a husband until I stumbled across Fusion!! Thank you so very much for your ministry. It is truly a "Godsend." I have never been married, and am overjoyed with the prospect, and so grateful for God's eternal faithfulness. My prayers will always be with each of you, and this ministry. Thank you again for your faithfulness to God's calling on your lives. We are blessed. If there is anything I/we can do for this ministry, please let us know. Take Care and God Bless. Sincerely, S. Renay Sisneros in San Jose" - Ca - California, USA, United States.

"Hi, I would appreciate if you could delete my Christian singles profile from the list, as thanks to this Christian website I have met my future husband. We met in July, got engaged last weekend and we're getting married in April next year. A big thank you. God bless. Jane" - Hampshire UK Great Britain.

"Please can I ask for you to take my profile off of view. I have someone very special of whom I wish to remain exclusive to. Just wanted to say, I am so pleased you were able to get back online, and may God bless you and all Brothers and Sisters in the Lord using your web site. Thank you so much - Justin" - New Zealand.

"I would like to permanently remove my email as i have met someone on your site that i am in love with, thanks to you all, God has blessed me with a wandorful man. thank you again, my sweetie said he wanted to send a contribution because of the way we met - Jenny" Surrey UK.

"Hi. Many thanks for providing such an excellent chrfistian singles service over the last year or two. I've had fun meeting many interesting people thanks to you. I want to hide my profile now, though, as one of these people is now my girlfriend. God bless ya Steve" - London United Kingdom.

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