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Real Christian singles couple married on Fusion101.com!Fusion101 contains hundreds and hundreds of great Christian websites - all things Christian in fact. It really is the 101 of the Christian web world. We have Christian downloads, Christian ringtones, Christian sms text message dating services, Christian books, and Christian Worship CDs and Music to buy or download.

Fusion101.com - or '101 Christian singles' - unlike most 'Christian' portals and web sites, was started with the simple intention to help Christians to meet easily without the price tag. Our services are mostly free and we only charge for a few services so we can develop our help service for Christians. The singles service is the best absolutely free Christian dating and personals service online if you can't afford to pay!!!:)

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101 Christian - Complete Christian Resource 101 Site in one. Visist this website in a few months and you'll find a complete web guide to 101 Christian websites and services available on the Internet. We don't care if a website is homemade... as so long as it has the Christian information you need.

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