My Passion: to Match Christians


Hello, my name is Edward and I designed and have run 101 FREE Christian Singles since 1999. Whilst I am not keen on having my mug shot all over the web I feel it's important to put a face to our service, since there are now so many bogus sites and so-called 'Christian' singles services setup purely for profit which mainly consist of a deluges of fake profiles, non-Christians and scammers. We are different.

Why I started Fusion's free Christian dating service

I created 101's free Christian dating service for single Christians 15 years ago as I have a passion for matchmaking Christians, having experienced first hand how difficult it is to meet people who are genuine Christians and serious about their faith, in an ever more secular world. I am not I hope to help you find a husband or wife who really loves God with heart, mind and soul as the Bible commands.

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101 is a trusted name amoungst single Christians

I've had to put my own hopes of marriage on hold for over a decade and had to overcome a huge number of obstacles to keep fusion running but 101 has against all odds has become one of the best known and trusted Christian dating sites on Internet. I pray that you and your single Christian friends will find my completely free dating site helps on your journey to finding and meeting genuine single Christians, and ultimately to find real and lasting love and happiness in marriage. See a few of our 100's international singles testimonials or some UK marriage success stories.

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So, if you are single and Christian, help me to help Christians and signup today - it's always free and don't forget to tell your friends about 101 - God bless you, Edward.

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