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Real Christian singles couple married on!Fusion101 was set up in 1999 to make it easy for Christians to meet mix and match online (and offline with events) without all the stress!:) Since the site was conceived in 98', designed in 99' and opened in 2000 we have had nearly half a million members sign up to our service with a current membership of 270,000 Christian singles all over the world and counting.

That is truely a miracle as I never envisaged back in 99 - sitting in my garage wondering how I could help single Christians (and Christians in general for that matter) that we would have such a massive number of people wanting to use the help that our service offers.

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Real Christian singles couple married on!With countless marriages and probably more importantly friendships, Fusion Christian Singles have seen many many people blessed over the past 5 years. It has been a rocky road and more than once our service has been attacked by secular competition and even once or twice by members trying to abuse the service have tried to bring the site down. So it really has been a hair raising roller-coaster ride. But - the good news is we're still here and growing all the time.

If you are finding it hard tomeet new friends or simply don't have the time (like me) - then please please don't waste aminute. Sign up to Fusion's free friendship and matchmaking servicee:)

We pray you have great fun at Christian Fusion and meet some fantastic new single friends - 101 Team:)

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