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Real Christian singles couple married on!Well, marriage is pretty much one of the most important choices you will ever have to make in your life. It could mean the difference between having a happy marriage or an unhappy marriage. It will also undoubtedly affect the lives, hopes, dreams and careers of your children - if you were to have any.

Not everyone will be helped by the same set of rules as we are all different and need different guidlines - God thankfully deals with us accordingly. Here's our help and advice on finding the right Christian person to marry:

  • Find someone who is honest, helpful and caring - quite hard to find these days but there are a lot of good people out there:)
    (Genesis 24:17-22).

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  • Look for a Christian wife or Christian husband that suits your temperament and personality. If you are a Christian, do not marry a womwn or man who is not Christian. This may cause you big problems later down the line - be aware of this.
    See 2 Corinthians 6:14-15 and Genesis 24:3-4.

  • Trust God that He will show you who a good match would be (alikes are not always the perfect match remember so keep an open mind)
    (see Genesis 24:7).

  • Where it is possible try to find someone who hasn't slept with other girls or men. Keep yourself from this kind of lifestyle - it will come back to cause problems later in life.
    (1 Thessalonians 4:38).

  • Want to know where to find the right kind of partner?... The Bible says you should be like a fisherman!!! "When a fisherman wants to catch fish, he goes where the fish are, the river, lake or sea". If you want to find a Christian partner, go to church, local singles events, Christian singles websites or youth groups where Christian people meet regularly. Don't expect to meet people if you are in the house and your door is shut!!!

Try reading Genesis verse 24 through for some great guidelines on marriage and finding a partner. It tells the story of someone looking for a marriage bride for a man.

God has promised to lead us if we follow Him (Psalm 37:47). Pray that God will guide you and follow the above guidelines and you can be sure God will lead you to a suitable person - the right person fot you. If you both love and respect each other, you will know that God has guided you. It's not always plain sailing to get to that place though so be patient. Some people know right away who they will marry but others don't.

As far as age goes, wait til after 20 at least for marriage these days as most take until their early twenties to mature unlike the old days where people through hardship and circumstance were somewhat forced to mature earlier on in life - this may sound like hogwash but please consider waiting till you are settled in yourself before getting married.

You will them be able to make the best choice of partner possible for your married life.

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