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Real Christian singles couple married on Fusion101.com!How can the Internet provide a serious Christian matchmaking service? Well - it really can - just take a look at these testimonials. We've even had one or two famous people use our Christian matching service and be successful at finding a Christian partner for life.

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The idea of Internet matchmaking originates with the traditional matchmakers from the past whereby often one or more people were employed solely to search for potential matches for you. This was and still is (some traditional matchmekers still exist) very expensive - I paid a wopping £500 to meet 4 people at a London Christian matching service before deciding I had to make an affordable (free!) service myself to help Christians find a marriage match.

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Real Christian singles couple married on Fusion101.com!OK - so you've signed up, and all you need to do is use our singles search facility which works in different ways depending on how you search and where you are in the world. When we don't have 100's and 100's of search results we give you more people who are just outside your location just in case that special someone is mabe not on your doorstep but in the near vacinity or counties. This way the matchmaking is optimised and made as efficient as possible.

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What people always assume is that someone needs to be right near to them in order to develop a relationship - not so! We've had many people partner up from different countries who share lots in common and develop a relationship slowly over time.

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Matching also works well if you add a photo since there are so many profiles on the site (we've had over 290,000 people join in several years) that it's often easier for people to search for profiles with photos only - it's not a ;lookist' thing - it's just that people do not always have time. So make sure you add your photo.

Some Christian Matchmakers ask members to pay $25+ (£30+) per month so make the most of Fusion which is totally and always free. You can upgrade to our premier matchmaking service for a tint tiny fee. In the past FREE always meant 'cheap' or 'bad' but we've wprked hard to make our service do the job it was intended for - helping Cristians meet:)!

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