Connecting with Single Christians

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How to go about making a Christian connection with other believers also looking for a spouse

There are dozens of ways to make a social connection with groups of belivers or single Christians who like you, are looking for a serious life partner to share marriage with. The problem is for most people is time and the fact that often they attend churches with relativley small congregations - or even churches that are so big that it can be quite hard to really get to know people and their friends propely. Anyway - despite this, there are now many ways to make new friends and meet people who share your faith and here are our top 10!

  • Make sure your social life is active - get out there and make new friends from church - and meet other people's friends!
  • Get onto the internet and join a Christian-owned and run singles service (95% of 'Christian' dating sites out there are not run or owned by believers and do NOT have your best interests at heart - more likely their wallets. Watch out as you will end up paying lots of money each month for very little in return.
  • Get fit and healthy - nothing is more motivating (and attractive) than someone who looks their best, and if you feel good - you will make a great and lasting impression on your date!
  • Go on some speed dating events! These are a superb way to meet lots of people in a very short space of time!
  • Go to other churches with your friends and get to know other Christian groups!
  • Go onto and look for local Christian get togethers in your area. There are many groups setup all over the globe!
  • Join your church social events list, house and home groups and any kind of social events you can go to.
  • Go on a Christian holiday! Meeting people whilst having fun in the sun or on the ski slopes is a fantastic way to meet new people. Many people that go on these holidays are single.
  • Signup to go on some missions work and trups abroad. There is nothing like meeting Christians from a different part of the world for great conversation starters and interesting missions work at the same time!

Well those are our suggestions to get you started - we hope they help you in your walk and in finding a believing Christian spouse. God bless you.