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Real Christian singles couple married on!Christian events are constantly being organized happening all over the UK ranging from small social gettogethers, church Bible studies, small house groups, Alpha course retreats and weekends, to huge open air concerts and Christian music festivals.

See below for UK specific events just for for Christians. These websites contain all sorts of events so you may need to do some digging but the these were the best events sites we could find on the Internet. For music concerts, church conferences, singles, Christian student unions, surfing, aid events, chuch meetings and more - check out these websites.

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Dedicated UK Christian events websites - events all over the UK, conferences, church events, business events, seminars, workshops and more.

Christian Events in London - free and paid social event service. - UK Christian surfer events. - Christian Ecology events. - Christian socialist Events UK.

general Christian events sites - wordwide orgs and site that host events for Christians. - getting involved with the Unitarians events page. - UK Christian Unions events and activities. - Christian Aid Events UK.

Our own 101Fusion - Christian events and parties and social meetups.

UK Christian Event Listings - Music, Concerts...

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