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OK - here's some unique dating ideas and interesting and fun places to make a great impression on the women (or man!) you are taking on a date.

  • Did you know you can rent a ballon and sometimes with champaign! Yep - hot air balloon rides are great fun. This is a fantastic way to grab someones attention and neither of you will forget it!

  • An amusment park can be really fun. What kind of lady is she - a get up and go person?... if so this really makes for a super date if you both enjoy thrills and spills like roller coasters etc. Don't forget to win her a teddy bear at the teddy stand!

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  • Rent a boat. In the right setting this makes for a great and often relaxing experience where you can both take in the scenery. You can get a boat with captain and crew if you can afford it or just rent a rowing boat on a beautiful river - remember to take some food and a few nibbles!

  • Skating. I have several friends who do it all the time. But I don't know how to skate?... no problem - that will make it all the more fun:)

  • Dinner at yours. For a very special date, do a candlelight steak dinner and champagne. Do all the cooking and wait hand and foot on your date to make them feel really special.

  • Go carting - these are a lot of fun for adults - get your date out on the track!

  • Go and play miniature golf!

  • Take her to the races! Horses or dogs - both are great fun and you can have a safe flutter on them.

  • Go to a toy store and buy a kite!! Sound crazy?.. it is but again you can guarantee some smiles and laughs with no stress. The beach may be perfect too or a local park - but mind your head ok!:)

  • Take her to a live Jazz or classical concert!

  • Can you beat a moonlight stroll with clear skies and fill moon - I doubt it!

  • Go and watch something being made in a factory like her favourite soap!

  • Japanese restaurant.

  • Go camping - well this ones not for a first or even a second date obviously but mabe a bit later in the friendship!

  • A great way to enjoy the outdoors. Things can get really cozy and romantic sitting in front of an open fire later anight - make sure you take separate sleeping bags!!!!!

  • Ever tried glow bowling - do a search in the Internet.

  • Take her to a comedy store.

  • Go horse riding - all girls love horses.

  • Go on a wine tatsing trip or brewery tour.

  • What about the driving range?

  • Take her to a classy art gallery!

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