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Dear sir,
My username on fusion101 is "rbmsu2". This is actually a business inquiry and a testimonial in one! I met my lovely Christian fiancee using your site and we got engaged last Easter and plan on wedding next Summer.

I have also met several wonderful friends on Fusion from all around the world. Although I cannot make a contribution to your site as I would love to do at the current time, because I am a student, I would like to create a similar site just for the student body
of my university so they too can build solid Christian relationships and possibly marriages. If there is any advice you could give me on starting such a task I would very much appreciate it. I pray for your continued success and God bless you for providing such a wonderful service.

Ryan B. Starkville - MS Missouri USA.

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Dear Fusion,
could you please pass on my most heartfelt thanks for providing me the means to meet my wife. I have no real expectations at all when I joined back in summer but but overjoyed when it became evident that she was the one for me. It proves that Gid really does work in mysterious ways since if you'd asked me a few years back if Id meet someone on the Internet I would have replied a resounding NO!
Suffice to say please remove both of our profiles (me WRENB56 and my partner 67lunisa) as soon as you can, Thanks and god bless your ministry.
Dan - Missouri US

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