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Dear fusion101, please hide my profile. Your web site has been very interesting, and I have had a chance to communicate with gody women all over the world! God has lead me to special woman, and I want to stop communicating with all others.

Jane - IL - USA

Hi all at Fusion..

I dont want to come off just yet as I have met some good friends but - I will probably email back in a month and ask you to delete my profile. But here's what is amazing... after having spoken to women all over the world God has lead me to a woman that lives only 6 BLOCKS FROM MY HOUSE!!!. I pray that God continue to bless you in the good work that you are doing.

Martin - Homewood - Illinois - US

From: [email protected] (alien - 13487)
Subject: thankyou

Message: Hi, Just closed my account and wanted to say thankyou for your great service. I\'m getting married this July having met my future husband through fusion last summer...

Susie - Cook County - Illinois - UNITED STATES

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