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Dear fusion101,
It is with a greatful heart that I write to say howfantastic your free service is. Within a matter of weeks I got talking to several people - one of whom I met and clicked almost instantly. We are planning our engagement and hope to wed sometime in the new year. We will keep you posted on our progress. Thanks a million 101 - you guys are awesome!
Davestar - Mississippi

Greetings all at Fusion101.com,
I’ve found your service professional and honest. Thank you for providing a place for people to meet so easily and for free!
Thank you - steve - Tennessee

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Dear 101,
this is just a note to say that thanks to your website I met a fab girl back in March from across the border and tho it's taken a little time for us to realise it we are now very much in love and have planned to wed next year. With so much going on its taken a long time for us to write but we felt you would want to know and will be happy for you to use our story as a testimonial for others to see on your site. I wish you all thebest with this great ministry and we will also be sending a donation. Can we send a check as I would prefer to that than use paypal. Let me know and god bless!
Marc - Mississippi


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