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From: [email protected] (15845)
Subject: Deleting Profile

Message: Please could you delete my profile from the website. Username JupiterPassword ShearerI have really enjoyed using your site and have found myself a lovely boyfriend.

Thanks, Lucy

Dear 101, I would like to hide my profile. I have met somebody on Fusion and am now trying to work on the relationship! :)

Thanks so much Fusion.
Leni - Pennsylvania


Subject: Temp Profile Hide
Message: Hello,
First, I want to thank you for making such a great web site! Can you please hide my profile? I have met someone that I want to focus on. Thanks so much.

God Bless...
Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania - United States of America

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From: [email protected] (19926) Subject: please delete my profileMessage:

Dear Fusion101, thank you for letting me be on your site, i have found someone. so thank you for your assistance.cheers, karen

Pennsylvania - USA

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