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Subject: Website Submission
Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 3:23
From: (7655)
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Could you temporarily hide my email. I have started a new relationship... via Fusion 101 and I\'d like to see where things will go. Thank you and God bless, Tatiana

Dear sir/madam
thanks you so much fusion101 for always being there for me ,iam zein 4000 and i have meet my future husband through your dating service and very soon we will inform you guys of our wedding date, if we set it and thanks amillion at first i thought it wont work but with time i have come to love this guy with all my heart and he asked if i will marry him and i said yes,from that day on i have been the happiest lady ever and i cant wait to marry this loving and charming guy from usa and iam from kenya thank you again and again and may our ALMIGHTY GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH, it is the only genuin dating service ever, try it and your future will just be bright with happyness,

Augusta - GEORGIA - USA

From: davi********** (speedboat - 24493)
Subject: thankyou message
Message: sir/madom just like to take this oppertunity to say thankyou i have meet someone on fusion and beleave the right thing is to be removed. but i hope in the furture that i can have the oppertunity to use you service again if i need too. i have meet many christians on here and i neaver thought that this would have happened but i also prayed about that ill meet more christians sorry just like to thankyuou again andmay god bless you
my username is speedboat and password is medion
many thanks

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