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Subject: Website Submission
Date: Tuesday, March 23 1:49 PM
From: [email protected] (Amy1024 - 20572)

Subject: I would like to be deleted at this time

Message: I have found a nice christian man though this web site that I have been corresponding with for quite some time. I do not feel the need to be on here as I am happy with my new found friend in the Lord

Chandler - Texas USA

Hi -
I joined Fusion back in Aug and met my lovely soulmate whom I will be marrying soon. We were wanting to find out when we sent our first email and maybe if we could get a copy of any emails we sent one another through Fusion.

I don't think there were too many. My name is Lynda B---- email: [email protected]. I think my password was ---dy. Live in the U.S.

My husband to be is Chris ---e email: [email protected] and I believe his name was Sojou---. Lives in England.

If you could please check for us and let me know it would be greatly appreciated. If you do happen to have copies of our emails, could you please send them to me.

Thank you so much!
Have a great day!

(string) Street = Arlington
(string) County = Texas
(string) Country = USA


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Subject: *******ED SAID 2 EMAIL~
Hi Guys!!!

First of all let me introduce myself, My name is
Claudia and my handle is DaddysGirl. Im 26yrs old and
I've been a member of fusion probably since about
october of last year give or take a month.

Now to give
you guys some sort of background, Im a single mom,
(yes Ive made mistakes but have been blessed with two
beautiful boys and blessed ultimately with the fact
that the blood that Jesus shed for me in Calvary
covered my sins completely).

I currently work for the phone company here in El Paso texas and we have bankers hours sooo Im home every evening and night :-D

Another thing you should know is I am currently going
to school as well. Im majoring in law (litigation). Im
also sunday school teacher for a group of teenage
girls in my church. Ive been saved and born-again
Christian going on 5years now and I must say my walk
with God has been one amazing adventure after another
one. Every day I wake up more in love with Him than
before if its possible to love Him even more than I do

Now on to one last thing, your site has blessed me
with sooooo many good friends and recently (about two
months ago) blessed me also with a wonderful man who I
am now in a serious relationship with, I know him as
Jason and his handle in fusion is Airwolf. Our
relationship is based on God first and foremost so we
are doing everything by what He says to do, me and him
both find things go alot smoother when we put Him
first. so I am literally off the market!

Ok well anyways, I dont know what else you all need
from me but if I can provide any further info or if
you guys have any questions by all means do feel free
to contact me!!!

Love Always,
Claudia (DaddysGirl)
El Paso, Tx - Texas, USA

[fusion101] Beyond_Blessed - 12592
From: ******* (Beyond_Blessed - 12592)
Subject: Deleting Profile

Message: Thanks to you guys I don't really need to pen pal with people now on Fusion. I have developed a great friendship /courtship that will be more than sufficient. God's so good like that! To say thank you to you guys at Fusion and ask that you delete my profile.

Have a great day!

Sarah NeSmith (Beyond_Blessed)Texas


Well, I met my husband here at Fusion. We wed in the Yosemite Valley in California December 23rd! He's an amazing man of principle, loves BIble Doctrine, and is the only man on the planet that can love and lead me the way he does!

Corpus Christi, Tx - Texa, USA

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