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101 Christian Singles help
Fusion is run by 1 person (Edward:) so please be patient. Try FAQ's first. Contact details are below.


Contact Details; Email & Phone Support

To email or call us click here for details.

Is Fusion101 a genuine Christian site?

Yes - Fusion101 was inspired by my own experiences of the difficulties of meeting new single Christian friends at church and allows Christians to meet and match - no stress!!:) I wanted a web site that was personal - you can talk to us! If you want to be a help for Christian singles - email us above and tell us how you'd like to volunteer some time.


Why join Fusion101?

101 is the easy way to meet new friends, penpals or single men and women in an instant completely FREE - no ties. 1000's singles. Simply choose which characteristics are important to you and hit 'Go'. You can send, receive messages, chat and use our site for free. Click here to join free.


What countries do you serve?

All countries! Single Christian men and women from USA, UK, Canada, Asia, African American singles, Australians and New Zealand Christians. We also have many black, hispanic and Asian FREE Christian singles, personals, dating & Chat service - so come on in and find a partner!
Click here for International Christian singles dating

Can I find Christian Penpals?

Yep - unlike standard Christian dating agencies we are a Christian friendster style service and also have many Christian pen pals on Fusion101 - on the search page, select 'Just Buddies - Penpals'.


Is it safe?

Yes... on Fusion 101 your personal details (phone/address) are never visible or made available to other members or organisations. You communicate with other singles using a made up name or alias.

We NEVER sell or pass on your details to ANY third parties or companies - even Christian ones!:)

You choose when and how to disclose your details if you wish.


101ChristianSingles Prices

Fusion101 Christian Singles is 100% FREE always. We may introduce a small charge for extra features at some point but if you join now it's free - join now free and tell all your friends about us!


How do I join?

Easy - just fill in your preferences and that's it! - join here - its Always FREE!



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